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We build and operate machines which remove CO2 directly from the air, powered by 100% renewable energy. With our storage partner Carbfix, the CO2 is turned into stone and stored underground, permanently

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Why do we need to remove CO2 from the air?

In recent years, climate action has experienced a paradigm shift; recognizing that drastically reducing emissions alone will not be sufficient in reversing climate change.

 The IPCC reports show that drastic emissions reductions are more important than ever, but on top of that carbon dioxide removal is needed to get the world to net-zero and keep global warming below 1.5 °C.

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The more Climate Pioneers, the higher chance of restoring a healthy balance of CO2 and a healthier planet. We still have time, but we have to act now.

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Can't we just plant trees?

If done well, afforestation comes with a number of important benefits such as reduced soil erosion and increased biodiversity. However, afforestation is a solution that cannot be scaled indefinitely, because it requires lots of water and surface area

Also, the permanence of the removed CO cannot always be guaranteed with trees: wildfires or deforestation can destroy the trees and release the CO back into the atmosphere. 

Our process is also much faster: if trees are planted, it will typically take at least 10 years (source) until the CO is removed from the air. Climeworks’ carbon dioxide removal takes between 2 and 5 years to be completed.

How does the technology work?

First, air is drawn into the collector with a fan. Carbon dioxide is captured on the surface of a highly selective filter material that sits inside the collectors (“adsorption”). 

Second, after the filter material is full with carbon dioxide, the collector is closed. We increase the temperature to between 80 and 100 °C - this releases the carbon dioxide (“desorption”) and we can collect it in high purity and concentration. 

Finally, with the help of our partner Carbfix, the carbon dioxide is mixed with water and pumped underground. Through natural mineralization, the carbon dioxide reacts with the basalt rock and turns into stone within a few years. 

As such, the carbon dioxide is permanently removed from the atmosphere for hundred of years.

Still have questions about us or our technology?

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You can also find out more about our technology and our plants.

If you need further inspiration then take a look at our community of Climate Pioneers and discover why they decided to act against global warming.

What's the carbon footprint of our plants?

Our direct air capture machines are powered solely by renewable energy or energy-from-waste. An independent life cycle assessment has shown that the grey emissions of our machines are below 10% (more details here), which means that out of 100 tons of carbon dioxide that are captured from the air, at least 90 tons are permanently removed and only up to 10 tons are re-emitted.

Our newest large-scale direct air capture plant “Orca” has successfully achieved independent third-party validation from DNV, the global leader in quality and risk assurance.

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We love trees and believe many more should be planted. We need more trees and we need direct air capture.

Climeworks direct air capture machines consist of modular CO collectors, which selectively capture carbon dioxide in a two-step process: