“Can't we just plant trees?”

We love trees and believe many more should be planted. We need more trees and we need direct air capture.

  • There are not enough trees nor enough suitable space in the world to offset society’s carbon emissions
  • Permanence cannot always be guaranteed (for instance wildfires will release the CO2
  • Direct air capture and storage is scalable and much faster at removing CO2 (2-5 years vs 10 years)

Why do we need to remove CO2 from the air?

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  • CO2 is stored underground, permanently
  • Powered by 100% renewable energy 
  • Purest way to remove residual emissions
  • Join over 13,000 Climate Pioneers 
  • Drastic emissions reductions are a must, but will not be sufficient 
  • Removing emissions is also needed in order to create a net-zero world
  • Direct air capture is a technology that removes CO2 from the air in a highly effective way

We remove CO2 from the air, to keep global warming below 1.5° C

Climeworks’ direct air capture machines capture CO2 with a special filter. As soon as the filter is full, we heat it and collect the concentrated CO2.

How does Climeworks remove CO2 from the air?

Permanently removed

The captured COis mixed with water and pumped underground by our partner Carbfix, where it turns into stone and is no longer contributing to global warming.

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What's the carbon footprint of our plants?

  • It is very low at only 10%
  • Proven by an independent study
  • Our plants are solely powered by renewable energy
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The more Climate Pioneers that join the fight, the higher chance of restoring a healthy balance of CO2 in the air and a healthier planet for us to live on. We still have time, but we have to act now.

Join the fight against climate change!

Any questions, you can get in touch with us at pioneers@climeworks.com

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